Procedures that need to be repeated

It is not enough to perform Things nicely. you have to do well these things which take you towards your objective. Successful individuals do things but powerful individuals do the proper things at the ideal moment. Efficiency is an Inner step – just how well you are doing what you do. Effectiveness is an outside step – just how well everything you do fulfills the requirements of that you are doing it to get. The trick to successful operations and to always accomplishing your aims will be to develop, implement and document repeatable, scalable and teachable procedures. This is particularly true when a group of people must interact to accomplish that job.

By Way of Example, when a Sailboat changes direction relative to the end, called a lie, tens of thousands of square yards of sail stretched across one side of this ship must move upon the ship’s front and become trimmed in across the opposite side. During a rush, this occurs within a couple of seconds. The only real way a ship can easily and efficiently tack is if everyone involved is working together and adhering to a frequent procedure. Whether procedure Production is known as systematizing, Lean or Six Sigma, the outcome is a specified series of interrelated activities performed to turn inputs into outputs in pursuit of a target. The procedure might be, as an instance, the steps to follow along with making a widget. It might also be the actions involved when completing a widget arrangement, making a creative solution, or providing a service. By creating and documenting your procedures, you identify and specify the ideal items which have to be done, how, by whom, where and when.

Management guru Peter Ducker stated, No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It has to be coordinated in such a way as to have the ability to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings Try to design and record each procedure step so that it can be carried out by somebody with the cheapest required skill level and look at intelligent document processing platform. Then designing the total process to become open and nimble enough to react to the changing demands of this sector and your clientele Perfection is finally achieved not when there is not any longer anything to add, but when there is not any longer anything to remove. Antoine de Saint-Expiry 1900-1944, French aviator, author Wind, Sand, and Stars, page 42. Here we summarize a 9-step procedure for developing your own processes. Process development demands time, hard work and cooperation. It requires some inspiration. But firms with documented and defined repeatable procedures have a greater success rate. And as an additional plus, having recorded procedures increases your company’s sale value.


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